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THE DARK KNIGHT Posterrama!!

Merrick here...
Around the same time the new DARK KNIGHT trailer leaked (HERE), Yahoo premiered some new promotional images from THE DARK KNIGHT. They appear here in a small form. CLICK HERE to jump to Yahoo's slideshow of the material (and larger versions).
Put the above images together, and they make this:

A fourth (or would this be a fifth?) poster is also making the rounds...I can't tell if this was an exclusive on some site, or a generally released image. So...if this is your "exclusive" or something, write me with a link & I'll adjust this article accordingly.

THEN, there's this one. It appears to be billboard art, and comes to us via JoBlo (ARTICLE HERE).
There are likely twenty or thirty more posters out there somewhere. If we missed any, we'll update this article accordingly (and go insane).

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