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The Sleestaks From The LAND OF THE LOST Movie Look...Surprisingly Sleestaky!!

Merrick here...
USA Today has our first look at Sleestaks from the Ferrellfying of LAND OF THE LOST.
The plot involves three adults (not a dad and two kids as on TV) accidentally thrust into a realm ruled by dinosaurs, monkey-men called Pakuni and the murderous Sleestak. [EDIT] One difference: Instead of toting crossbows, the Sleestak draw quills from their spines and fire them like arrows.
...says THIS ARTICLE in USA Today. There are a few more details in the article, including word on director Brad Silberling's fight to realize the Sleestaks via "man in suit" methodology, rather than going with CGI creatures. The Sleestaks from the series looked like this:

The Sleestaks from the new movie? Look like this:

Hmmmm...even the backgrounds look the same? LAND OF THE LOST hits theaters next Summer.

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