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Tidbit on that whole Spielberg/Minority Report/A.I. thing

Last week a rumor hit the net that Spielberg wasn't really making MINORITY REPORT and that it was just a cover for the long rumored A.I. project that Kubrick was allegedly working (with Spielberg) on. Well, I got curious about that because... Quite frankly it interested me. So I wrote Hejira a letter to get the lowdown on what's a happening with all this nonsense and here's what I heard.

Hey there my man, Hejira here. Right now my eyes on Spielberg tell me he's getting set to leave the continental country with George this weekend, but recently he's been chilling out up in the Hamptons. Word from the Guild is that he's been taking it easy, hanging with the kids and Kate.

But as my gaze turns to the far closer Scott Frank, I can tell you this. That boy is most definately working on a draft of MINORITY REPORT. Taint no A.I. Course my man Steven ain't seen the final draft, on account that it isn't done yet, but the Art Department is chugging away, as is ILM and Steven's other playmates. As I glance here at my calendar, I see that the old Jack O'Lantern month is the start date for filming and everything that I can see points to that going ahead smoothly.

I hope that clears things up a bit for ya. Steven is making MINORITY REPORT, you can count on it my friend.


Harry here... Hope that clears things up a bit for you folks... BTW... this is confirmed.

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