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Bob & Doug McKenzie Return!! From The Same Folks As Before, But More Animated, Eh??

Merrick here...
Do you remember Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis as Bob & Doug McKenzie from back in the '80s? "The Great White North" and all that? They also made a movie called STARNGE BREW, whose trailer was this:
Seems the brothers are returning to the air early next year, in in an animated series. The characters will be voiced by Thomas and Moranis. At the recent New York Comic-Con, QuickStop Entertainment unveiled a teaser for the show, featuring an intro by Thomas as well as animated footage. An embedded video of this preview appears below.
Or, you can can JUMP TO QUICKSTOP to find the same material in Glorious QuickTime! The show has yet to be picked up by U.S. broadcasters, although I understand The Powers That Be hope to make an announcement about this shortly.

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