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Angelina Jolie Teaser Poster for WANTED premieres exclusively here!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. WANTED looks fucking crazy. I don't drop the f-bomb wantonly here. That is how the movie is registered in my brain. I've seen a few scenes cut together and it's ridiculous, huge, crazy... That might mean bad for some of you, it might mean great for some of you. I haven't quite decided which it is for me yet. I suppose I'll know when I see the film, but I can say that WANTED is a big screen movie. It's a film that is made to be a theatrical experience. Angelina Jolie's getting her own teaser poster and Universal has given that to us to debut. It's definitely a character poster and Jolie is still beautiful. And it gives you suicide girl pervs something extra with all those tatts. The poster is below! Click to make more big!

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