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It's Official - Guillermo Del Toro is On Board To Direct HOBBIT... signed, sealed and he will deliver!

Hey folks, Harry here.... Well - Our Good Friend... and by that I mean - GEEKS EVERYWHERE... Has officially put quill to vein and blood to paper - to solemnly swear to direct the best fucking movie called THE HOBBIT he could possibly make. In fact - there's going to be TWO of these movies. The story of THE HOBBIT will not be divided - and I'm pretty damn sure than the second film won't be titled HOBBIT: SMOKING IN BAG'S END... Instead - I feel the 2nd film will be the true challenge. To create a bridging narrative that connects the events that end THE HOBBIT - with those that begin THE LORD OF THE RINGS is one of the riskiest and toughest tasks that any modern artist would undertake. It's a fine thing to originate and create a binding mythology between two incredibly well-established tomes of mythology. However, in Guillermo, Peter and everyone in the magical land of New Zealand we'll have to place our trust. That said - I'm taking bets on Doug Jones as a Wood Elf.... and Ron Perlman as the voice of Smaug. This is so gonna fucking rock!

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