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An Interesting Hint About The Next SUPERMAN Film?? Presuming There Is One...

Merrick here...
Thomas Tull, overlord of Legendary Pictures (300, BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, WATCHMEN) recently spoke at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. Tull referenced upcoming projects, dropping in a quick-but-intriguing reference to Bryan Singer's theoretical SUPERMAN continuation.
Legendary's roster of upcoming films includes a wide variety of properties, including Watchmen (from the renowned graphic novel), Akira (a remake of the popular Japanese anime film), a Superman sequel (in Which Tull hopes to invoke more of the image of "an angry god"), Clash of the Titans, Where the Wild Things Are and a film of Paradise Lost (Tull is particularly interested in the "[story] arc of Lucifer").
...says THIS ARTICLE on the Hamilton College website. This could be an interesting direction to go - could play off of Superman's line in SUPERMAN RETURNS about hearing the world crying for a savior every day (bad paraphrase, I know). Maybe he gets pissed that we're not doing more for ourselves, or not showing him enough appreciation considering the tremendous sacrifices he has made for us, or something? All of this assumes, of course, that another SUPERMAN movie is even viable in the wake of recent court rulings in which significant rights to "the Man of Steel" were awarded to the heirs of Superman co-creator Jerome Siegel (more information HERE).

"Moriarty" here. Just to clarify, since it seems that people have taken two words from what Tull said and blown them WILDLY out of proportion: Superman isn't going to be evil or attack the Earth or do anything to harm people. That's not what "angry God" meant. Tull, like many Superman fans, seems to want the sequel to be a film where we actually see Superman unleash his full strength on a worthy adversary. I spoke with Thomas many times about Superman, and what I agree with him on is that it's a crashing bore to sit through a Superman film where Superman can't throw a punch because there's no one around as strong as him. Expect supervillains actually worthy of Superman's power in the sequel. And expect some superpowered asskicking that we wouldn't have been able to see prior to today. That's all the comment referred to, and the rest of this hysterical fanboy panic should be dialled down a few notches.

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