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Can It Be True?? Are Van Damme (And Lundgren - Maybe/Possibly/Kinda-Sorta) Orbiting A UNIVERSAL SOLDIER Sequel??

Merrick here...
CinemaBlend says Jean-Claude Van Damme (and possibly Dolph Lundgren as well) are poking at the possibility of reprising their role as back-from-the-dead super-soldiers in a new UNIVERSAL SOLDIER film. In the wake of humongoid projects like STARGATE and INDEPENDENCE DAY, it's easy to forget that the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER franchise was launched by Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin. Van Damme reprised his Luc Devereaux role in the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: THE RETURN (a theatrical film), although Matt Battaglia played the part in the straight-to-video UNIVERSAL SOLDIER II: BROTHERS IN ARMS and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER III: UNFINISHED BUSINESS. NOTE: the Van Damme projects do not use numbers in the titles...films with the recast character do.
Right now they’re developing it as a DTV project, but if they get him and if some of Van Damme’s other upcoming projects like Full Love do well, there’s a chance it could end up becoming a theatrical release.
...says THIS ARTICLE at CinemaBlend.

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