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In Chicago? Wanna see IRON MAN with Capone?

Hey everyone. Capone in Chicago here, with a mega-event planned for those of you in the Chicago area (and even maybe a few of you willing to travel to Chicago) next week. In so many ways, this is the AICN event I've been trying to make happen in Chicago for all the years I've been hosting early screenings and inviting the readership to watch them along with me. On a fairly regular basis, I've experienced a condition known in the medical community as "Alamo Drafthouse Envy." The sad fact is that there just isn't a venue like the Drafthouse in Chicago, so I've done everything in my power over the years to bring those in Chicagoland a taste of the special guests and film events that the folks in Austin love and appreciate. The month of April has been the first time where I feel like I've fulfilled my duties as AICN's Chicago representative to the best of my ability. Last week, I had the creators of SON OF RAMBOW on hand to watch and discuss their movie to a packed house; this week I've got a post-screening Q&A with the star (Seann William Scott) and director of the very funny film THE PROMOTION. But next week, I've got the mother of all AICN events in Chicago. Thanks to the lovely folks at Paramount Pictures, we've got an early screening of the film that officially kicks off the summer movie season (who cares if spring just started?). We've got motherfucking IRON MAN, and we've got the whole theater--all 212 seats--to ourselves. This is the biggest event AICN has ever held in Chicago, and I couldn't be more excited. The screening takes place the evening of Monday, April 28 at the AMC River East 21 theatre at 7:30. That's right, we're seeing this baby a full four days before opening day. Hell, we're seeing IRON MAN before a lot of the critics in Chicago are seeing it! So how do you score yourself a ticket (for you and a guest)? Obviously, I've got many seats to give away, but these are going to go fast. So read this very carefully; if you stray a single letter from the rules, you won't get in. The contest is open until midnight on the evening of Thursday, April 24 (which means you have a little less than two-and-a-half days to contact me). I'm going to keep this simple and fair, but I need proof from you guys that I'm letting in the 200-plus folks who care the most about seeing and experiencing IRON MAN. Send me an email to: with the Subject Line: IRON MAN Contest. For the body of the message, I won't set a word limit, but keep it brief and direct: Tell me why you deserve to see this movie before the rest of the world. Bribes will not work, but sincere flattery might. I'm just saying… I'm not looking for begging or sob stories about how rough your life has been lately. I want to hear from die-hard comic book and superhero geeks who have been waiting decades for this film to get made, who have been searching for and eating up every image and video clip of this film that has surfaced over the last few months, who have memorized Quint's interviews with Jon Favreau, Terrence Howard, and Robert Downey Jr. I'm going to have hundreds of entries to choose from, so your job is to convince me that you are worthy of sitting in the same theater as me as I watch this film for the first time. Those who win will get an email from me with screening details, but I'll also post a list of winners on the site before the screening. If you are a confirmed winner, you need to show up and check in (IDs will be checked) no later than 7:15, or your tickets will go to… Stand-by People! For those who don't sway me with your written words, there's another way to see IRON MAN on March 28. Although I don't anticipate any no-shows, I'm sure there will one or two dorks who actually don't show up, and we're going to fill in those last few seats (probably all in the front few rows) with stand-by people. This will not a be a first-come/first-serve situation. I'll devise something to separate the die-hard fans from the usual screening goers (I used to be one of you, so I know how to spot you). There is a slim chance that none of the stand-by people will get in, so please keep that in mind. But if you're feeling lucky, show up and hope for the best. This is a relatively slow week for me, so I plan on spending a great deal of time reading over these entries. I will trash any I feel are lame or insincere; and I will cherish those that dazzle me. I cannot wait to see all of you, and collectively have our minds and bodies rocked by IRON MAN. Brace yourself, people. It's going to be a busy summer. Capone

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