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Two STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Images Are Now Online!!

Merrick here...
As we already know, there's an animated STAR WARS movie releasing in theaters this Summer. It's all CG, and portends the animated series that'll unveil on Cartoon Network this Fall (SITE HERE). A new trailer for this project escaped onto YouTube a few weeks back & was quickly abolished by Lucasfilms. Can't say I'm knocked out by how this looks. I loved what Tartakovsky did with his microseries a few years back, but...this isn't Tartakovsky. This project looks ugly, although the CG Anakin will almost certainly give us a better performance than Hayden Christensen. My hunch is we'll miss Gennedy, but we'll see... Anyway, Empire Online has two exclusive images from the movie. Character shots. You can...


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