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The Best Spoiler Source For INDY 4 Yet Shows Up!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. We’re a month out from release right now. So far, Spielberg’s kept INDY 4 under wraps pretty well. There were leaks, but they were the kinds of leaks that couldn’t be trusted. Stolen photos. Totally contradictory plot details. There was an active misinformation campaign running here, and that’s cool. That’s part of the fun. Spielberg and Lucas both cry a bit about spoilers and the Internet in this week’s ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, but I think it’s just the same sort of low-grade irritated rumbling they’ve both done before. I certainly don’t want to be the Grinch and ruin Geek Christmas, and I certainly hope INDY 4 is indeed a gift for fans. Jeff Wells has a source who claims the film is the best Indy sequel. Bold words. The source is pretty f’ing glowing, and for those of you who go “plant” crazy, check out the full piece on Jeff’s site. And if you really want to read some detailed spoilers... ... if you can’t wait... ... if you absolutely positively need to know certain things right now... ... check this out:

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