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Frank Miller's interpretation of Will Eisner's SPIRIT is unleashed on this teaser!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I was completely flummoxed by the anti-Frank Miller tone of Quint's talkback on his unveiling of the poster for Frank Miller's THE SPIRIT. I've grown up with THE SPIRIT - but then my parents ran the first Comic Book shop in Austin - and my house has always had more golden age comics than I've ever seen in any comic shop in the country... Will Eisner was revered in my home - Maybe I'm on crack - but I fucking love FRANK MILLER. He's a giant. And here you have Frank Miller's THE SPIRIT. Not Will Eisner's. Will Eisner never needed to make a movie of THE SPIRIT - because his movies have been drawn, color timed and titled perfectly not on celluloid, but pulp. I never expected to see WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT on screen - never really had that dream. Having Frank Miller create WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT would be a thankless job. It wouldn't pop and live as art, but as imitation. Frank Miller is doing what he's always done... his interpretation. I love his takes on DAREDEVIL and BATMAN. Personally - I prefer the silverage tellings on DAREDEVIL ... and the Bruce Timm & Alan Burnett and Paul Dini run on BATMAN... But Frank's HARD BOILED and SIN CITY tales? I love them. And Frank Miller is taking THE SPIRIT into the greatest comic book film noir we're likely to ever see. And it's pure Frank Miller... what looks like a tremendous tribute to the industry's greatest eye. Will Eisner.

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