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BAT OUT OF HELL in the pipeline... written by McSwany!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'd like to start by congratulating Moriarty for bravely coming forward and telling us all about the controversial operation he recently underwent to physically attach himself to his co-writer, Scott Swan. There is no more Drew McWeeny and there is no more Scott Swan. There is only McSwanny now. The benefit is a symbiotic twin-like shared consciousness and four hands that can turn out horror scripts in about 3.5 hours. The drawback is the visual appearance, but I guess that only can inspire their work. But however they've made it work, congratulations are in order for the newly created monster. They/he have/has a new project in the works, a film called BAT OUT OF HELL, which is being exec. produced by Craig Titley and funded by Parallel Media, a new production company headed by Warren Zide (producer of FINAL DESTINATION and AMERICAN PIE). Congrats, boys... boy... it... whatever you call yourselves now. Look at what the Wachowskis have wrought... nothing can be normal in Hollywood anymore...

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