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AUSTIN POWERS 4 Has A Script!? And Maybe A Babe??

Merrick here...
In the big picture, this news shouldn't surprise anyone...a fourth AUSTIN POWERS movie was inevitable. However, we'd always heard this project was a ways off...that ideas were being generated as far back as the filming of #4 didn't seem to be on the fast track, or even on anyone's radar. Maybe it was. At one point we'd heard an AUSTIN POWERS 4 might be a prequel of sorts. Other indications suggested the movie would center heavily on Dr. Evil & his gang of wannabe super-villains, with the Austin Powers character dodging is as their foil rather than being the focus of the film. Don't know what direction the project ultimately headed, but here's a report saying that a script is done...and that Mike Meyers and director Jay Roach are already looking for their Powers Babe. One contender is Gisele Bundchen.

Word is the 27-year-old Brazilian beauty already has been given the script, and her agent will meet soon with star Mike Myers and director Jay Roach.
..says THIS ARTICLE at More details about this project as more is learned...

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