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A Ton Of Early IRON MAN Reactions Come Roaring Into Geek Headquarters!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Is it IRON MAN day yet? I don’t give a fuck what the calendar date is. I just know that IRON MAN day is coming in a few weeks, and I am ready for it. Absolutely. The clips look great. The trailers just kept getting better. And now everyone who sees it seems to be flipping out a bit. Last week, a box showed up at the house with two jumbo IRON MAN figures that talk and “fire” the repulsor ray. Toshi will not let go of his. It’s been days now, and I’m becoming concerned that his skin is actually growing onto IRON MAN, because he will not let go of it even when he’s sleeping. He is dizzy in love with Iron Man, and I suspect more people will feel the same in a few short weeks. Check out this clip, and then the first reaction, which is really only a response to half the film:

Hey there, my name is MarvelZombie88 and due to some very close firends in the hollywood scene I was able to see just short of aproximately half of IRON MAN right up to before he starts working on the Mark II design of the suit. And believe me when I tell you it was breath here it goes... Spoilers Ahead:When I heard that Jon Faverau was only going to have the Mandarin as a presence in this movie and save him for a latter sequel I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that but as I watched the movie it became very apparent to me what was being done. The terrorist organizantion led by a man named Raza(who later teams up with Obidiah Stane) has flags and trucks with a design of ten golden rings and an X at the center of it. i only saw this twice in the parts I saw but i have no idea if it could lead to something in the finale. Next off, twice towards the latter section of my screening Tony Stark refered to Rhodes as a "War Machine" like personality. This was because every time Tony when to Rhodes with a problem seeking guidance or a solution, it somehow always led to a violent outcome...also a posible set up for IRON MAN 2(or 3). And finally the man who helps build the suit with Tony in a cave which appears in the trailer as a very short period of time...which actually ends up being for over three months, a good portion of the film is dedicated to this cave; is named Yinsen, a Gulmiran-Lebanese doctor who was also kidnapped to keep Stark alive. BTW Stark was kidnapped to make a replica of the Jericho missile first demonstrated in the beginning of the film...Thanx for your time...MARVELZOMBIE88

It would make sense if the Mandarin was the guy who was behind Raza in this movie. The Mandarin didn’t originally “create” Iron Man, but when John Byrne was writing the series in the early ‘90s, he was the one who retrofitted Iron Man’s origin to have the Mandarin bankroll the operation. So it looks like someone’s a John Byrne fan, eh? I love the way this film, more than any Marvel movie, seems to be playing with continuity, not as a way of tossing it out, but as a way of acknowledging all of it and having fun with the best parts of it. Here’s another take, this time from someone who’s seen the whole damn thing:

Harry, i saw IronMan yesterday, and i have to say that it was very,very good. I'm not even going to attempt to write a review because i would just butcher it. I have to say that Robert Downey Jr. did an excellent job as Tony Stark, he was a smart ass and yet charming, he pulled it off well. Jeff Bridges was very good in the movie also, his look with the bald head and beard was just cool as hell looking, plus he was very ruthless. The technology that John F. came up with was cool too, the 3-D engineering that stark used to build his suit and fix his cars were cool. I personally think that the movie was better than all of the X-Men movies, and i would put it up there with the first Spider Man. I noticed that you haven't put up any reviews on this yet, and i'm sure that you have seen it already, and i'm curious about what you think about it. I think John did an excellent job with the movie and should make all the fans of Ironman happy, plus his part in the movie was nice to see.

This next guy must have seen it at an exhibitor’s event, as he mentions some tidbits about a few other films he saw bits and pieces of:

I saw Iron Man yesterday. I have never read the comic but loved the film. Intelligent script, great character development and Robert Downey is terrific. Plenty of wonderful effects but nicely spaced so you feel you getting a real movie. It is shaping up to be a big hit unlike INCREDIBLE HULK with some really cheesy looking stuff shown at an exhibitor product show. Leave the green guy alone. The opening bank robbery scene for THE DARK KNIGHT shown at Showest was amazing and this could be Oscar materials...Heath Ledger for sure. Another surprise at product screening was TROPIC THUNDER. Hilarious and Robert Downey again. The fake trailer for SATAN'S ALLEY is killer. Everybody laughs at the 10 minutes from GET SMART except me. I have seen it twice and still think it looks dumb. And SPEED RACER 10 minutes all CG and nothing else. HANCOCK sequence look very interesting...the anti super hero with Will Smith. Sherlock Jr.

This is the longest of the reviews, and the most critical, but even he seems to enjoy it overall.

Ironman Review – by Hung Lo Hey gang, this is my first ever attempt at a review, so bear with me. Yesterday I had an opportunity to see an advance screening here in Plano, Texas. I work for a local company and was invited to the screening. I will try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. I am not going to get into a big “what happened when I arrived at the theater”, I really hate that in reviews. Anyway, here goes: This is a very entertaining film. I really enjoyed it. And from what I understand, this was the finished version of the film. However, there are three major problems with this film that keep it from being one of the best comic book films ever. I will give you the bad things first and those three things are: The pacing is a bit strange. It is hard to explain, but in parts I was starting to get bored. The lack of any real sort of musical score really seemed to take away from what is a very good, but could have been great superhero film. The biggest issue I had was this film was that EVERY cool action scene in the film was given away in the trailers and clips online Now I understand the third issue is no fault of the filmmakers, but we have all pretty much seen a condensed version of this film online. That does not make bad by any means, just not the level of greatness it could have been. I also think the pacing issue could have had something to do with the fact that there were no surprises and this really felt like a “directors cut” of all the trailers we have seen. The lack of music score also annoyed me. You get a couple of classic tunes thrown over some scenes of Stark working on his suit, which he doesn’t really seem to work on. He just tells his computer to make if for him and it tells him it will be ready in 5 hours. Now onto the good! This is a fun film and the above problems may detract a bit, but they do not make this move suck in any way. I really did like it and it was perfectly cast. Robert Downey Jr, was the best part of the film and IS Ironman in my opinion. I really hope he is up for a sequel, because a lot of this film felt like a trailer for bigger and better things to come. Jeff Bridges was great as well, and hell I even like Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper and she usually bugs the shit out of me. Anyway, that was my little review. Go see it, it is good, just a little disappointing is all. It is still better than Spiderman 3, Superman Returns and X3 combines. Next time I just hope they hire a more competent director. Not that Favs was bad, he showed that he respects the character a lot, (Hell he is even in a few scenes early on a Starks driver) but it could have been so much more in more capable hands. If you decide to post this, call me Hung Lo

Hmmmm... “Hung Lo.” I wonder what that translates as. This next guy... he liked it a lot:

Long time reader. First time contributing. Here it goes. I’ll try not to spoil much. I just came out of an early screening of the new Marvel movie directed by Jon Favreau “Iron Man”. Being a long time comic book geek who has seen some of his favorite characters butchered in these film adaptations, it was an immense relief to be absolutely blown away by the sheer awesomeness that is Iron Man! I mean, I’m talking brain scattered all over the floor, eyes drowning in tears with a smile so big on my face, it would make the Joker envious. This film was Favreau’s iron fist of cool with a side order of the brilliance that is Robert Downey Jr. Everything I thought this movie would be was shaken and stirred into something even better, and the end result came out fantastic. This is the beginning. Much like Batman Begins, it focuses on the evolution of Tony Stark and how he becomes the Iron Man. It focuses on his before and after personas and the changes that he goes through in order to reason himself into building this suit. Although it does miss a few themes I would have liked them to touch on (Tony Stark's alcoholism) it does present a clear and present take on the Iron Man story. One thing I liked about this movie is the pace that it goes at. I find that most movies skip too much info that is important in the evolution of a character and might leave the audience thinking with “ how did that get there?” but Iron man nails it right. The writers knew that it was a beginning story and they worked only on that. They have created an exceptional story that centers itself and only faces the creation of this “hero”. Robert Downey Jr., one word: perfect. I was a little skeptical at first if he could pull it off but man did he ever impress me as Tony Stark, and I think that’s why I liked the movie so much. He created a great balance between the playboy billionaire, and the man that suits up. You could tell he was going to be good just from watching the trailer. Jeff Bridges is also exceptional in this movie; I mean come on, The Dude in a massive metal armor suit with guns blazing ahoy… sweetness to my pupils! Gwyneth Paltrow actually looks good in this movie and Terrence Howard… I was actually not convinced of his portrayal of Jim Rhodes. He didn’t really play the military part well, almost soft at times. I know he could have been a little bit tougher, I mean we all saw that in “Hustle & Flow” so I’m surprised he didn’t really take the character further. He does however have a great line promising a certain “machino-of-waror” in a future installment (lets keep our fingers crossed!!!) The action scenes are few but spectacular. The Mach-1 escape has a hell of a lot of fire, the fight between Iron Monger and Iron Man is not as spectacular but not over the top either, which I found interesting (remember beginning movie, no need for a huge fight at the end, leave that for the sequels) and the Fighter Jet scene which, to me, was probably the best scene to see Iron Man in full flight action. We’re also shown some neat tricks the suit has in store - Caller Id anyone?. The scenes that really make the movie though are the “building of the suit” scenes in which Stark, with his ever so helpful real life Wall-E, are testing out the weaponry and the flight equipment. One scene has him testing out the flying equipment at 10% capacity... lets just say something happens and it’s funny. A good combination of Downey’s charm and quirkiness with some impressive visual effects, really make these scenes fun to watch. Now, there were rumors that there was going to be a sync between this movie and The Incredible Hulk, with General Ross or Bruce Banner making a cameo in the movie. I don’t really know if that was confirmed or not but… Sorry to disappoint. Doesn’t happen. There was no Nick Fury either, just a quick mention of S.H.I.E.L.D at the end. It might not have been in the copy I saw, but so close to the release date, I would think this was a final cut. (Unless it was after the credits, which I couldn’t stay for.) All in All, the movie is by far one of the best Marvel movies made so far and I tip my hat off to Favreau for this movie. He was able to make this geek's dreams come true for a superhero movie and elevate Iron Man's status to one bad-ass Machine. Transformers was the “cool” movie last summer, this year, Iron Man is definitely one of the front-runners for the title although it does have VERY stiff competition. 300 had people yelling “This is Sparta!” Iron Man will have people shouting “I am Iron Man!” If you use this please call me El Jokalzo

Ah, yes... Nick Fury. Well, even though we were correct when we broke the story last year that Sam Jackson was shooting a cameo as Fury, it’s been lifted out of the film. Word is it’ll show up... somewhere... at some point... but for now, you won’t see it in the theatrical cut of the film. Damn! Here’s another reaction:

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know i saw Iron man today!!! You all probably think I'm kidding but, no it is true! First of all... This film really hits the spot! I have never really been into Iron man, but after watching this, I found him so unbelivable cool that i find myself all giddy thinking about it and wishing I was a billionare (don't we all?) with a amazing sexy looking robotic suit and begin a life as a crimefighter. The film starts of in Afghanistan, which is also shown in the trailer, and moves a little back in time to tell you why Stark is there. So to my relief, they hadnt shown ALL the good stuff in the trailers. Robert Downey Jr as Stark is amazing, his character made the audience crack up in laughter plenty of times during the film, as the playboy with all the gadgets and women. But what I really liked was how his persona was so different when he was Iron man. Silent but lethal..and when he first spoke... "he's all yours".. in that metallic voice, just really nailed it for me! Jeff Bridges was superb, you really get to despise him through the film. That said, I wasn't really impressed with Gwyneth Paltrow. Sure she's cute and all, but she didn't convince me as an actress. I would also like to comment on the CG. I'm really picky about CG and I find it too often to look way too fake even though we have come as far as we have with it. But no worries, they have really been clever, it's flawless.. I'm trying not to give away anything about the storyline as I want it to be a surprise to you all. But trust me when I say this, this is one of the best superherofilms I've seen for a long time, yet alone an actionfilm. It's a perfect adaptaion from the comicbooks and for you hardcore Iron man fans.. Trust me, you'll Love it and crave for more!! If you use this, you can call me Vyruzz

Wouldn’t shock me if a few of the people who sent us responses were not native English speakers. The first person I talked to who saw it was in Korea and went to a press screening there.

"Iron Man" Robert Downey, Jr. now joins Nicholas Cage and Johnny Depp as stars thought least likely to succeed as action heroes but who do in Jon Favreau’s nifty take on Marvel Comic’s iconic “Iron Man”. Downey , with his quirky timing and off-beat sense of humor intact, plays billionaire weapons designer Tony Stark as a charming asshole breezing through life on brains and scotch until an ambush in Afghanistan forces him to face his own mortality and the morality of his business. Building his first crude “Iron Man” suit under the noses of his captors, Downey escapes and returns to his life determined to undo some of the damage his weapons have done, only to discover that he’s not as in control of his company as he thought and that someone is determined not to let Downey succeed. Coming relatively late to films, there was some question as to whether audiences would buy yet another super hero, but “Iron Man” succeeds wonderfully, thanks to a trio of fine performances by Downey, Paltrow, and Jeff Bridges, cast against type as Downey’s charming but ruthlessly corrupt second-in-command. The red-and-gold Mark III suit looks gorgeous too, and Favreau is careful to take time establishing its high-tech creation and Downey ’s bruising attempts learning to control its powerful but touchy technology. With the groundwork laid for a sequel, as well as hints of the larger Marvel universe waiting in the wings, “Iron Man” looks not only to give Downey his coveted Slurpee cup, but give Paramount a much-needed hit and franchise. Even with “Indy IV” coming, “Iron Man” may well turn out to be the gold standard for popcorn movies this summer. The Lone Ranger

And another!

hi harry, just saw iron man at a foreign press screening. i'm not press, a filmmaker just along for the ride but don't want to get my friend in trouble cause they're seriously embargoed but... it's pretty darn amazing!!!!! jon faverau knocked it out of the park, has brought a level of authorship to iron man which chris nolan has to batman, sam raimi did to spidey and bryan singer brought to x-men. no-one would have made the iron man this guy did. it's complex, adrenaline fuelled and heartfelt. the opening sequence in afganistan and the tony stark intro and back to afganistan and then back to the cave is genuinely genius and pretty darn touching. just grab you by the balls and doesn't let go until he gets home and announces that stark industries is out of the weapons biz. rdj is on fire in this role, with this and tropic thunder it's great to see him out of the crackhouse and back where he belongs. i shudder to think what the film woulda been like if they'd cast it with an action hero, rdj's tony stark is really callow and funny and darn fucking smart. this is pretty much the funniest superhero film i've ever seen, the critics kept glaring at me as i guffawed away. the action sequences are awesome, although it's a bit of a shame they didn't let it go out rated R cause it's strictly PG violence (lots of explosions, no blood) and a really brutal version would be amazing. the iron man CGI itself is cool as shit and stark's excitement at his own creation is contagious. he discovers the capabilities and limitations of the different suits as we do, and we share in his wonderment... kinda like we did when we got our first car and felt the need to drive it fast and trash it. jeff bridges is very rad as Obadiah Stane. can't remember if he's in the trailer, but his haircut and buffness makes him almost unrecognizable. he's a real piece of work, wish there was a little bit more of him. which leads me to my minor criticism of the film: it's so slick and polished and fast that it's almost too tight. the story is epic, it keeps switching countries and the suit has multiple generations, think it was under 2 hours and it could easily have been 2.5. also, gwyneth doesn't really have anything anymore unfortunately and terrance howard is a bit of a wet blanket which is sad after how much he rocked in hustle and flow. the guy needs to find his darkness again, but his version of Jim Rhodes is unexpectedly bland. mathew libatique cinematography is a real highlight, very cool to do a superhero film with such a natural pallet. the music rocks, there's time you want to headbang. we'll be seeing an iron man 2 as certain as obama'll win the democratic nomination. anyways, apologies for this ramble of random thoughts. i'm sleepy as all heck. if you use this call me the pregnant man.

And finally, to wrap it up today, here’s a review from the Mexican press screening:

Hello Harry, Moriarty and everyone @ aintitcool, here Ruben “El Paella” from Mexico City, Mexico to tell you about the press screening of Iron Man here on Tuesday. According to what the guys from the distributor told us, it was the first time that the Jon Favreau film was shown in its final release form and that nobody else in the world have seen it before. I quite believe them because they asked you to give your cell phone or any video recording capable device at the entrance (given back at the end) and guys in suits were watching the audience during the entire projection with night vision visors. You had to assist to the screening if you wanted to go to the press conference given by the director and Robert Downey Jr. himself yesterday where it was revealed that Favreau thought that Downey Jr. was ideal for the role because of the black humor and the similarities among Tony Stark and the actor’s personality (not to mention drinking habits). Also they let us know that there’s a 10 second appearance of Downey in the upcoming Hulk film that may hint about a future movie with both. Now, talking about the Iron Man movie I can tell you that it rocks, from the beginning to the very last second (fans will love the last seconds), even for non-fans of the comic and people of any age, as intended by Favreau. I went with my girlfriend and she wanted to pee for about the last half of the film, but she hold it, that kinda cool the movie is! It starts with the kidnapping of Stark in Afghanistan to where he travels to show a new weapon of Stark industries, the Jericho missile, as seen in the trailer, and then continues with a 36 hour earlier flashback to introduce you to the characters of Jeff Bridges, Terrance Howard and Gwyneth. You get to see the background for Stark, his corporation and lots of Audis, but also a liaison with a lady journalist that questions Stark hardly but ends with him in bed (does that count as a basic premise?). From there on Iron Man turns into a non-stop action ride that makes you not to even think about blinking. The special effects are probably among the best to date in any movie, everything is seamless and even technology has its comic moments with a robotic arm. In terms of screenplay every dialogue line is believable (techno-babble too) specially because of the great performances from everyone in the cast. Iron Man is a must-see, there’s no doubt that Stark has a heart!
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