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Uncapie Wants You To Know That YESTERDAY WAS A LIE!!

People! I am Uncapie! In "Yesterday Was A Lie," director/writer James Kerwin has come up with a fresh and stylish take on the Film Noir movies of the 40s and 50s. Imagine if Warner brothers gave Lauren Bacall the chance to play a female version of the "Sam Spade," "Philip Marlowe" or the "Continental Op." Actress Kipleigh Brown gets that chance as the gumshoe out to solve a perplexing mystery as "Hoyle."
As Hoyle sets out to solve her case, she runs into unforeseen events that become fragmented and disconnected - leading her into a surreal universe & uncovering a plot to bend reality as she discovers the know the truth about life itself. Deliciously photographed under the creative eye of Jason Cochard, Kewin weaves us a tale of intrigue and metaphysical darkness that keeps the flavor of those noir movies while slowly unraveling the story.
Told in nonlinear fashion, the clues to the mystery show up where you least expect them, drawing the audience into Hoyle's adventure. A taste here. A taste there. Just enough to whet the appetite. Chase Masterson (from "Deep Space Nine" fame) is the sexy torch singer that teams up with Hoyle to aid in her case. Masterson turns in some amazing work, and performs her own feel like this movie was shot fifty years ago.
Also noted is actor John Newton, who portrays "Dudas". He has a 21st Century George Hamilton look about him. He holds the key to the story that everyone wants - a dangerous, forbidden book with a formula to bend reality. Like "Pandora's Box," once the lid is lifted, there is no turning back. Padded with interesting character actors such as Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from "Star Wars), Mik Scriba and a small cameo by perennial favorite H. M. Wynatt, "Yesterday Is A Lie" - within the last week - has won two Best Picture Awards at the Backlot Film Festival and the Brilliant Light Film Festival. Special mention should go to the crew who worked so hard on this film, especially Chase Masterson. When the original investors backed out at the last minute (leaving the production hanging under the Sword of Damocles), Chase stepped up to the plate and put her own money in to finish it. Classy lady. For more information and where it will be playing next, check out their website HERE or e-mail them directly at "Yesterday Is A Lie" is a unique, refreshing look on a popular genre. Well worth seeing. Uncapie

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