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Ernie 'Fanboys' Cline rips off KING OF KONG and CHASING GHOSTS for THUNDERCADE? -- Bullshit! says Harry

Hey folks, Harry here... There's some jackasses on the net claiming that Ernest Cline - who just sold his script called THUNDERCADE to Lakeshore Entertainment - stole the story from the awesome documentaries THE KING OF KONG and CHASING GHOSTS. Really? Oddly - I read the script for this script months before either of those films premiered. Not only that, but Ernie registered the treatment with the Writer's Guild in 2006. Something, any reporter could look up. But here's the bigger issue - is THUNDERCADE basically just KING OF KONG and CHASING GHOSTS? Um... no. This is a generational epic battle between real video gamers that grew up on PONG and Atari 2600 and ODYSSEY and COLECOVISION and all that... and these new young bastards with their A.D.D. crazed modern game systems that kill those old school systems in terms of graphics and sound... - The film is also about life long dreams, the honing of ones skills, trash talking and flat out funny stuff. There is a HIGH SCORE issue, but that's core to any Video Game orientated storyline... and was part of Ernie's original treatment submitted back in 2006. I was going to hold off on this story till actors and the director began to be attached, but I kinda got a little pissed when folks that really had no clue what they were talking about began slagging on Ernie. He's about the purest geek I know... in fact when I went to Skywalker Ranch - I got his baby girl an EWOK shirt from the gift shop... and poor girl, Ernie makes her wear it. And the kid being of healthy good geek stock, loves it. He's also been campaigning to make a documentary on me for the past 2 years - and I keep telling him to leave me alone. He may wear me down one of these days, but not likely.

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