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FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4 "Plot" Details Now Emerging!!

Merrick here...
Details are emerging regarding FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4 & what it's about (besides fast cars, hot women, and Paul Walker's poser lifelessness). We'd originally heard the film was about Walker & Vin Diesel joining-up to infiltrate a drug lord's operation. Evidently, this is correct...but we hadn't heard the motivation for the guys going undercover. One of our readers sent in some details from the film's set, which fills in some blanks. I tried to write our reader for more details (I'm not even sure if the name this person used to sign the e-mail was a "handle", or their real name, so I'm not sure how to credit in this case). Unfortunately, the e-mail bounced...but this is what we got.


Just literally got in from doing some (job deleted by editor) work for FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4. I don't know how much you know about the movie, but here's what I found out: The girl from the first movie (Michelle Rodriguez) gets killed. Vin Diesel's character goes after her killer. He's forced to team up with Paul Walker again. They both go undercover for the main bad guy. John Oritz is going to blow you sneakers off in this movie - he is BAAAAAAD! The director is a man named Justin Lin, and he's a sweetheart. He said he wants to do "one more" FAST AND THE FURIOUS after this. He's having a great time.
This information is mirrored a, who've posted a SPOILER IMAGE from a Jordanna Brewster fan site (note the stenciled shirts worn by the folks in the picture...referring to Rodriguez's character). They also have (more or less) the same plot information mentioned above (a few more details). You can find the spoiler pic, and the info...


FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4 (placeholder title) will be in theaters next Summer.

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