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Updated! Pixar's CARS Sequel Confirmed!! It's A Few Years Off, But On The Way...

Quint here... I was going to block out my own story on CARS 2, but that plan was kind of curtailed when the possible post-presentation meet and greet with Lasseter ended up falling through, so I couldn't follow-up with any specific questions, like if he's going to direct. They did have Larry the Cable Guy come out during the presentation and Lasseter asked if Mater had a passport because the CARS were going international. Guido and Luigi were my favorite parts about the first film, so here's hoping international means they are on an adventure in Italy and bring the others along for the ride. It was a quick announcement with little to no detail. But there's everything they said.

Merrick here...
Quint just called from the Disney soiree in New York City and wanted me to pass this along to ya'll. Reliable sources had previously indicated told AICN that a CARS sequel was in the works for the 2011 (original report HERE). Quint says Disney has just confirmed (literally just confirmed) that a CARS sequel will be released for Summer 2012. So, our folks were right...just off by a year. Quint will be following up shortly with more details.

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