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ScoreKeeper Has News About The Release Of Michael Giacchino's CLOVERFIELD Overture!!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here with news straight from the mouth of the monster from CLOVERFIELD (2008). No, not the gigantic creature that destroyed New York City. I’m talking about the monstrously talented composer Michael Giacchino who penned a groundbreaking overture played during the closing credits of the film. It’s an amazing composition which pays homage to the classic monster movie sound defined by legendary GODZILLA (1954) tunesmith Akira Ifukube. I belong to a growing body of folk who are dying to get their hands on this piece of music whether it be a digital download via iTunes or a soundtrack CD. A lot of rumors have been flying around and Giacchino himself sorts it all out. Available for download in this month’s issue of Film Score Monthly Online, there is an on camera interview with Michael Giacchino in which he addresses the unsuspecting demand for the CLOVERFIELD overture and its impending release. Giacchino reveals, “We’re working on that now…there are a bunch of legal knots that need to be tied…” He admits had they foreseen the demand they could have been “ready months ago”. Nobody suspected there would a market for one piece of music. Giacchino also reveals that the original composition was thirteen minutes long while the version which ended up in the film was edited down to eleven minutes. He concludes by saying the version they’re going to release will be the full thirteen minute work. He didn’t disclose how the music would be released. If you’re not already familiar with FSM Online I highly encourage fans to become acquainted with this staple site. I had been a loyal subscriber of this publication when it existed in magazine form since October 1993. Since they converted their content to exclusively an online publication several years ago my patronage followed. Each monthly issue is packed with news, reviews, editorials, interviews, and multimedia content devoted to the world of film music. For more of the Michael Giacchino interview where he discusses his Academy Award nomination, scoring LOST, analog vs. digital, and his score for the upcoming SPEED RACER (2008), check out the site and sign up today. Go! Go! Go! Giacchino!


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