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Confirmation Of THE HOBBIT's Composer!!

Merrick here...
This won't come too big a surprise, as the possibility/probability was referenced by ScoreKeeper in an interview with Howard Shore that was published quite a while back. However, with THE HOBBIT enduring so much flux, nothing seemed certain for a while. Ian McKellen's recent statements about his intent to return as Gandalf, as well as hints that a few other details of the film are at long last solidifying, suggest this project is finally coming together (provided litigation from the Tolkien estate doesn't slam the brakes on yet again - [DETAILS HERE). One detail concerns Howard Shore & whether or not he'd be back for another round of scoring. Kris sent in the following message, which pretty much speaks for itself.
Hi Harry, Yesterday evening I was able to go to "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Score Performed Live to the Epic Motion Picture" in Lucerne in Switzerland. Composer Howard Shore attended, and participated in a small session on the scoring the music for FOTR. Towards the end the audience had the opportunity to ask some questions. One person asked about his involvement in THE HOBBIT. Mr. Shore replied that he is involved. Apparently he has been working on ideas since working on the THE TWO TOWERS. For Mr. Shore it will be the first time he will be working with Guillermo del Toro. Regards Kris

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