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Want an update on the Saga of Harry Knowles in FANBOYS?

Hey folks, Harry here... This is a weird post, because it probably is the single most bizarre story. You know - over the years of doing AICN... 12 years now... We've reported on so many things that have fallen apart, been controversial and just the woes of filmmakers, fans and the material that inspired it all. How strangely ironic then that a film called FANBOYS - a film that began life as a rather sweet light comedic adventure... much like ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING for the geek set... that a film that was meant to celebrate FANBOY culture - would itself become wrapped up in the 7 layers of Hollywood Hell... and that the part that was written for me to play me... would be so much trouble. The screenwriter and original brain behind FANBOYS - Ernie Cline - has been writing a series of blogs regarding his long gestating passion project. Over the course of this movie's journey to the screen - Ernie has gotten married, moved away from Austin, moved again, moved back to Austin - and spawned a new lifeform, that'll probably cry and scream and be annoying at multiple screening of FANBOYS. Well, Ernie has written a blog about me. Not just me, but how and why I became a character in FANBOYS - as well as the casting history of all the people that were actually cast to play me in the film. Not only that - but the various disasters that kept them from that. Not included are the other folks that were approached, but never committed to the project due to financial demands (I'm not kidding). Anyway - as readers of AICN - I figured this rather bizarre egotistical link might interest some of you. However, more to the point I decided to post it so I could be raked over the coals of self-importance. Click here to read why Ernie "Wicket" Cline will be on my Christmas Card list forever!

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