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G.I. JOE Details Emerge Via Access Hollywood!!

Merrick here...
Details of Stephen Sommers' forthcoming big screen pillage of G.I. JOE have been posted by Access Hollywood. The article includes quotes from several actors in the film, and a few specifics about what we can expect.
The film is reportedly an origins story. It could explain why Destro has a chromed head and why Snake Eyes doesn't speak, among other outlandish details of "G.I. Joe" that the cartoon never explained.
...says the article, which you can find HERE. The piece also indicates that the phrase "Now I know...and knowing is half the battle" will somehow be incorporated into the film.
I'm still not-entirely-comfortable about this project...Sommers seems to have an uncanny ability to transform gold into diarrhea. Although, THOSE RECENT IMAGES OF SNAKE EYES were pretty damn cool as far as I'm concerned, so maybe there's hope.

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