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Tommy Guns! Johnny Depp! Michael Mann! Awesome spy pics from PUBLIC ENEMIES!!!

Ahoy, squirt! Quint here. You know the project... gangster flick with Depp as Dillinger, directed by Michael Mann. It's shooting now and we had a spy on the ground in Wisconsin that got some great pics of a robbery. So, thanks to "Spider-Durch" for getting the below pics. As a side note, there was a great little detail revealed recently that the production will actually use the same 1932 Studebaker Commander Dillinger used in one of his robberies. That along with another 75 vintage cars will be borrowed from the Roscoe Car Museum for the flick. Pretty neat, huh? Here are the pics. Definitely Depp, who looks completely at home in the period, and a few have Michael Mann in 'em. Click to make large. Enjoy!

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