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Is This Some Funky Viral Marketing For TERMINATOR?? Probably Relating To SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES??

Merrick here...
Okay, first off, this has evidently been going on for several weeks now. I'd heard nothing about it until a reader called o'dium sent a message to us this morning. If this is "old news" to apologies. If this is new information (which I suspect it will be to most folks), then...have fun. Here's what o'dium had to say:
I'm sure you guys are as big a fan as me on the Terminator films. The Terminator was an awesome classic, and Terminator 2 was just pure gold. I wont mention Terminator 3, *cough*, although I did enjoy the new series. Anyway, I stumbled over something rather strange. Its a website for a company called EniTech, who have back engineered some technology that allows them to take pictures of the present, only have the image be of the future. A bit strange of course, because if this was real I have a feeling it would be all over the news. But that's not the best bit. Check out the videos on the site, documenting everything... Holy shit! Lets just say I had the volume up far to loud on the last video and it seriously made me grin :)


So I did some digging, as there's a belief out there that this campaign may be linked to the new TERMINATOR feature film & that didn't feel quite right. When all was said and done, signs pointed to this being tied into the TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES television series instead. Of course...the conclusion could be based on a great deal of assumption, and this might relate to the new movie after all. I think SARAH CONNOR and TERMINATOR 4 can co-exit nicely, but The Powers That Be may want to make each title's branding a bit more distinct. With marketing like this, matters could get confusing very quickly. While no word has come down regarding whether SARAH CONNOR will be back for a second season...there's some indication that it will return...and launching a viral campaign so close to the first season's finale would seem to bolster that notion. If you know more, or can conjecture more, post it in the Talkbacks below...or feel free to DROP ME A LINE!!! And, by the way, check out this real world robot:
These guys don't watch much science fiction, do they? Probably not a good idea to be kicking a robot like that...

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