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Larry Hama sends AICN - SNAKE-EYES from G.I.JOE!!! Now with a shot from USA TODAY!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Got this emailed in by Larry Hama, mastermind behind the badass version of G.I. JOE that Stephen Sommers is translating into a huge feature film due out Summer 2009. What Larry sent over isn't a grab from the film, but the first released publicity shot of Ray Parks in the SNAKE-EYES costume. What I love about the shot is that they're trying to get across that SNAKE-EYES is a ninja with a gun. As for the character - will they get Snake-Eyes right in the film? It looks like it. The film does have the whole Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow origin - the vow of silence - and the revenge theme that was at the heart of Snake-Eyes. And frankly - I think the combination of realizing the character and its origins is why Larry is excited about this image. That... and he wants that first replica sword. Click the below image for a huge version...

Harry, Thought you and the fans might like to see the first glimpse of Snake-Eyes with sword and battle outfit. I can't wait to see his ninja moves and I totally want the first replica sword as soon as it comes out! Larry Hama

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