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Dirty Harry is back and he's looking for a 1972 Ford GRAN TORINO!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... First we saw Rocky return, then it was Rambo... now - it looks like the gods are giving us one last Harry Callahan story! Today, it cracked in the trades that there was a new Clint Eastwood movie called GRAN TORINO - nobody seems to know what it is, but we know that Eastwood is going to star. Online - folks like Jeremy Smith were not so quietly hoping it meant... Dirty Harry. Well... here's a note I just received:

Harry. Nobody seems to know – not even the trades – what Clint Eastwood’s new movie, Gran Torino, is…. So I’ll tell you. I recently advertised my 1974 ford grand torino classic original for sale in the local here, and within 24 hours had someone from Village Roadshow Pictures interested in having a look at it. He came. He wasn’t interested for numerous reasons (probably the modifications). He told me they were looking for the right car for a new Clint Eastwood movie. He said it was a thriller about a killer that drives a certain torino. His 1972 Ford Gran Torino is the only thing the police have on him. A retired police lieutenant, one Harry Callahan, makes it his mission to track down the culprit when two young police officers, one Callahan’s grandson, are shot and killed by the guy. So there you have it. Hope that helps. On with the show, Kurt, North Hollywood.

Well - if this is true - FUCKING A!!! Here's what a Gran Torino circa 1972 looks like! Can't wait to see this!

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