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The Wachowski's Next Film Is "Full On Martial Arts", Casting Details Emerge!!

Merrick here...
Collin Chou, who was Seraph in the MATRIX movies (a role turned down by Jet Li), will play one of four leads in a new Wachowski martial arts project. Rain, a Korean music star who is in the Wachowski's upcoming SPEED RACER film, will appear as one of the three remaining leads. All of this per an article at, which you can find HERE. Wackowski cohort Joel Silver recently told Collider that the project is a completely original story & “full on martial arts movie." He also says it’s a revenge movie. You can find video of this HERE. The film is called NINJA ASSASSIN and will be directed by James McTeigue (V FOR VENDETTA), and should start filming in a month or so for release next year.

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