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Brad Bird & Pixar To Conquer Live Action Film Making By Traveling To 1906!!

Merrick here...
Writer/director Brad Bird (THE INCREDIBLES, RATATOUILLE, IRON GIANT) will jump into the live-action arena with 1906 - a project to be co-financed by Disney and Pixar.
The story centers on a college student who begins to investigate the murder of his father, uncovering a web of deceit that has left the city vulnerable to the sort of fire that breaks out when the Great Earthquake of 1906 hits San Francisco.
...says THIS ARTICLE in Hollywood Reporter. The original script for this project was by John Logan (STAR TREK NEMESIS, THE AVIATOR, and SWEENEY TODD); Bird is said to be doing a rewrite. Smells a bit like TITANIC...a film I was never in love with. I felt like I spent the whole movie waiting for the damn boat to sink (SPOILER!). Hopefully what leads up to the quake will be more interesting than Jack & Rose.

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