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Benicio is sure bloody... Howl along with The Wolfman!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Some nice looking shots from the upcoming WOLFMAN flick outta Universal. I read Andrew Kevin Walker's original draft and it was great, but I'm hearing some disturbing things about the rewrites diminishing the awesomeness of the original draft. I hope Joe Johnston was able to tinker with it a bit in the weeks before shooting. Still, the cast is incredible. And now you get a look at a couple of 'em. Looks like Benicio has just woken up after a night of wolfing out to me. I found these (via a heads up from a reader named Matthew) at BauerGriffinOnline. A few of those pics are below. Click to go to the site and see a few more!

I like the last one... a bit of the Lon Chaney Jr. lumber. What do you folks think?

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