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Francis Ford Coppola's TETRO Rounds Out Casting!! It's An Interesting Group...

Merrick here...
Francis Ford Coppola has cast actor/musician/artist & funky renaissance man Vincent Gallo as the title character in TETRO. Maribel Verdú (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN and PAN'S LABYRINTH) will also star, alongside NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN's Javier Bardem (he just won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for that film). The movie "introduces" Alden Ehrenreich as a young man searching for his older brother, in a story set in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Theirs is a family marred by fierce rivalries, tragedies and betrayal. Coppola will direct, and will be joined by much of the behind-the-scenes team from his recent YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH. Although materials currently indicate that Ehrenreich is being "introduced" here, it should be noted that he's already been seen in episodes of the high-profile series SUPERNATURAL and CSI. Perhaps not in a significant role, though...which I'm guessing warrants the "introduction" here. TETRO (which has nothing to do with that game where you have to line up the little colored blocks) rolls at the end of this month, for a 2009 release.

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