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EXTREME SPOILERS having to do with MAN ON THE MOON! Regarding the possible multiple endings! Stay Away!

Alrighty... Harry Here, and I just want to WARN you that this post has to deal with an interesting but HEAVILY SPOILER RIDDEN report about MAN ON THE MOON. Sure... We know what OFFICIALLY ended the Andy Kaufman story, but that MAY not be how the film ends. If you want to preserve the possible mystery... GO AWAY! If you're curious about the various possibilities and want to discuss them in TALK BACK... read ahead... Warning DON'T PAN DOWN, DON'T READ THIS TALK BACK if you want to remain pure. For SPOILER READERS ONLY!!!!











I was a PA on the Andy Kaufman bio pic, "Man on the Moon", and I just thought I'd pass along some strange yet intriguing info about this film.

Take it as you will because I have no more understanding about it than anyone else.

There were 3 different endings filmed for this movie. Why? I have no idea.

However, I can provide you with the what the 3 endings entail:

1.) The ending we all expect. Andy dies of a cancer in a hospital bed.

2.) Andy fakes his death and is shown having plastic surgery to make himself look like his alter ego, Tony Cilfton. Many people actually believe that Andy faked his death as part of his greatest joke ever.

3.) This one is the most bizarre. Andy Kaufman is shown giving Jim Carrey tips on how to play Andy Kaufman for the movie. Now, I was not there when this ending was shot but a fellow PA of mine was and said that there was no camera trickery for this scene. Jim played himself and Andy was played by a man who my friend could only describe as a dead ringer for Kaufman. I have heard rumors that Andy was planning on revealing himself once this film was released but now I'm starting to believe it.

Sorry but I have no idea how these endings will be used but I can only speculate that they didn't film 3 endings just for the hell of it.

-Mr Fantastic

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