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Will Spring 2011 Be A Franchising Nexus For Disney?? TRON News, And More!!

Merrick here...
WALL*E-WONKA, who has contributed to AICN before, sent along a few details about what Disney has coming up in a few years. At the moment, all roads lead to early 2011. He says the new TRON project will be presented in 3D. CARS 2 is also being eyed for a 2011 slot, along with a third NATIONAL TREASURE film and a fourth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. In regards to PIRATES, two dramatically conflicting assessments about how a fourth film might be approached have been making the rounds. Some indications suggest the film's story would be far more contained than its predecessors, allowing for a budget-friendly downsizing. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there's been unsubstantiated talk that a fourth film would go the other way completely...think in terms of ultra fantastical (dinosaurs, Jules Verne-esque floating fortresses, etc.) Not sure how I feel about either notion, to be honest. Not sure if I even care to see a fourth PIRATES film at all. It's a long time before 2011 & things are likely to change a bit between now & don't this info as being set in stone. For example, it might make far more many spread these projects out, presuming all of them (or only some of them) come to fruition. More on this as more comes in...

TRON" will be in 3-D, slated for Spring 2011 and also coming in 2011; CARS 2, National Treasure 3 and Pirates 4, no plot on any of those yet. WALL*E-WONKA

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