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Fox Developing FAMILY GUY
And PRISON BREAK Spinoffs!!

Merrick here...
I really don't like FAMILY GUY all. I find it frequently smarmy and consistently abrasive. Sometimes I smile at it, but I rarely laugh. Guess it's not my thing. None the less, I respect its return from cancellation, and appreciate what it means to find both audiences and economic success after going through such difficult times. And, many folks I know and love watch this show and really get off on it. So for them, and for those of you out there who hold the series in higher esteem than I, I'm happy to report the following... A spinoff series is being planned. It's centered around, and is tentatively titled, existing character on the current show. The project... being written by "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry -- who voices Cleveland and serves as writer-producer on the series -- and "The Simpsons" alum Rich Appel, executive producer/showrunner on MacFarlane's other animated comedy for Fox, "American Dad."
...says THIS ARTICLE in Hollywood Reporter. The same article indicates Fox is mulling a PRISON BREAK spinoff about women in prison. Chicks behind bars? That's hot...

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