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WOLVERINE goes to the carnival! We have set pics and a spy report here!!!

Ahoy,squirts! Quint here. WOLVERINE is shooting in Australia at the moment and now they're doing some location stuff... you know what that means! Spy pics and reports will start flowing in! Let's start with the report and that'll be followed by some pics! Enjoy!

Hey Harry Long time reader, first time contributor. I have a small tidbit about the Wolverine prequel coming up that you may be interested in. An article ran in the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this week that said they would be doing an overnight shoot for Wolverine in Federal Park this Friday night and that fans should beware because security would be tight. Taking this as somewhat of a challenge my mate and I decided to tool up and see if we could sneak onto the set. We arrived at the location just after nightfall dressed in suitably dark attire and proceeded to try and sneak in past security. The set was pretty cool. They had sealed off a fairly large section of the park and done it up as a carnival with lots of bright lights, some rides and a Ferris Wheel and various attractions. There were a lot of extras milling around in typical carnival attire such as mimes, clowns etc. We made it past security and into the restricted area and were wandering around through the trailers and such but couldn't really get close enough to the set to see much, although we did go past Ralph Winter and John Palermo's trailers. We doubled back around and discovered there was an area where we could get quite a good view of the set and that was actually open to the public with security letting us stand quite close. Unfortunately all of the lights really messed up my camera and none of the photos turned out very well. We saw someone who looked like from the Black Eyes Peas wearing a purple jacket and sporting an afro walking around the carnival set and conferring with the director, but what I found most interesting was the set dressing of the sideshow attraction. There was one that had a picture of a man with a beard in a top hat called Dr Freak advertising his freak show with a woman called 'Elastina' who I assume is going to be a mutant. There was also a three headed baby. It'll be interesting to see how this ties in to the film. If you run this you can call me 'The Man Who Japed'.

And then we have a series of pics taken by another spy, known in the talkbacks as "hallmitchell." No actors are in them, but you can get a feeling of this carnival atmosphere. Enjoy!

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