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Heaven must be missing a Bruce Campbell! MY NAME IS BRUCE pics!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Last Wednesday we got a really disturbing rumor sent to us that Bruce Campbell had died of a heart attack. There was nothing else about it on the internet and the original tip-off was one of those “a friend at work told me…” ones, so even though I didn’t believe it, I thought I’d email the man himself. I don’t talk often with him, but we have chatted in the past. He’s had an open dialogue with his fans as far back as I can remember… at any rate, I sent him an email that had the subject line “Are You Dead?” and the body of the email was like “I heard this rumor. I hope you’re well… and not dead,” and I got a response within an hour. He never addressed the dead rumor, but he did include a creepy-bizarre picture of himself as an angel from MY NAME IS BRUCE… which is a great title, but I almost wish they’d change it… or at least title the eventual sequel THERE WILL BE BRUCE. I almost ran this as an obituary for a laugh, just to include the angel pic, but I decided I didn’t want 500 pieces of pissed off hate-mail when I woke up. I would have thought it was funny, but I’m a sick fuck sometimes. Enjoy the pics. Click to make big.

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