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Merrick here...
George Miller's JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is officially back on track, and is now careening towards a 2009 release. There'd been a bit of speculation that the plug could be pulled on the project for a multitude of reasons. Turns out, the film was merely put on hold during the recent writers strike to allow scripters Kieran and Michele Mulroney to finesse the screenplay once the walkout ended. And, I hear it needed/needs some finessing. Seems the previoulsy announced cast is still in tact as well.
Adam Brody, cast as the Flash, is the biggest star in the superhero lineup. Rapper Common nabbed the Green Lantern role; other roles went to lesser-known thesps such as Armie Hammer Jr. (Batman) and Megan Gale (Wonder Woman).
...says THIS ARTICLE in Variety. So, there you have it. For better or worse, come what may. Take a breath and buckle in....'cause here we go.

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