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ScoreKeeper Wants You To Know About The Mega-Fantastic Box Set of SUPERMAN Music!!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here. Yup, it’s been a long while since I strolled around these parts. I’ve had an extraordinarily packed schedule the last several months which regrettably has cut into my master plan for internet media domination. I’ve decided to come out of hibernation to report upon another amazing and unprecedented release from Film Score Monthly. Last week it was announced that FSM will be releasing an 8-CD box set entitled SUPERMAN: THE MUSIC (1978-1988) featuring practically every fragment of music from all four SUPERMAN films including the SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (1988).

Here is an excerpt from the blog of Screen Archives Entertainment ( who handles all of the CD sales for Film Score Monthly.
FSM's 8-CD box set, SUPERMAN: THE MUSIC (1978-1988), encompasses a new fully remastered and complete edition of John Williams's SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE along with previously unreleased presentations of the complete scores for its three sequels: SUPERMAN II and SUPERMAN III (adapted and conducted by Ken Thorne) and SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE (adapted and conducted by Alexander Courage and featuring new themes by John Williams). The latter is spread across two full CDs of never-before-released music and songs. Also included in the set is a bonus disc of additional alternates, source music and songs, plus a full disc of Ron Jones's music for the 1988 SUPERMAN animated series, rounding out a full decade of Superman music. The 8 CDs are accompanied by an in-depth, full-color 160 page hard-bound book, all housed in an elegant blue slipcase box with the Superman "S" embossed in silver. The set is available as a limited edition of 3,000 copies priced at $119.95 each, and may be ordered beginning at 3:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern time on Thursday, February 21, 2008 via Additional information and sound samples will be available at that time. SUPERMAN: THE MUSIC (1978-1988) is produced by Mike Matessino and Lukas Kendall and celebrates the Man of Steel's official birthday of February 29 as well as a triple anniversary year.... The character made his debut 70 years ago when Action Comics #1 hit newsstands, and 30 years ago, on December 15, 1978, Superman: The Movie was released, introducing audiences to Christopher Reeve's indelible portrayal and John William’s classic themes. Additionally, Warner Bros., the studio behind the Superman series, celebrates its 85th anniversary in 2008. With SUPERMAN: THE MUSIC, Film Score Monthly delivers a release befitting this multi-tiered celebration.

This could very well be the release of the decade and I can’t adequately express how excited I am to own this. I don’t have my copy yet but it’s on order. An AICN reader was privy to a pre-release copy of three of the four films from the set. Here’s his review:
Hi Scorekeeper, I've never written to Aintitcool before, but I wanted to alert you regarding the release of a newly-remastered box set of all four original Reeve Superman movie scores available in the next week or so. I was lucky enough to have a friend who provided me with a pre-release copy of the remastered versions of Superman 1-3 (4 was not ready at the time). Being a big fan of John Williams' score, I was extremely excited to hear his music remastered. I wasn't looking forward to hearing anything for II or III. Although I do appreciate some aspects, I was never really a big fan of Thorne's scores. That changed yesterday. I wanted to write to you, specifically, for this reason. Thorne has taken a lot of flack for his Superman scores in the past (some of it from me), and I feel a majority of the criticism is completely undeserved after listening to these discs. It's hard to have to follow John Williams' amazing score for I. I think John Ottman learned that lesson well in Superman Returns. But after listening to Thorne's full score for Superman II, I have to admit that I actually prefer some of his arrangements over Williams'. The remastering has really cleaned up the music and given it more power. Whatever they did, I now think Thorne did an excellent job given the fact that he had an extremely downsized orchestra in comparison to what Williams had in Superman I, and I feel he does the best with what he was given to work with. Thorne knew how to emulate the strengths of Williams' work, and in some areas, I personally feel he went above William's original themes. I just wish the man could have gotten the manpower Williams had when scoring Superman I. He didn't get that, but these discs prove that at least his intentions were sincere. He understood exactly what the film needed, and I feel he gave it that and more. Superman III is still, well, Superman III. There's no real main theme, and I can't say the score was as fun to listen to as Superman II, but that's only because Superman III, as a film, is a pretty big disaster. But the score is very reminiscent of Henry Mancini, and maybe that's intentional. Either way, it was still a fun listen. So that's my opinion on the whole matter. After listening to the scores, I went back and watched the Donner cut of Superman II. My one wish (aside for a better ending) was that they could have used Thorne's music more, or brought him back to re-score that cut. I'd rather have Ken Thorne's score than John Williams, and I hope more people have respect for the man now after listening to these discs. I sure do. This is the only link I could find to when the discs will be available. Thanks. If you use this, please call me "Admiral Calavicci".
Next I’m going to post a rather extensive interview between Mike Matessino and Lukas Kendall who produced the SUPERMAN box set. Mike and Lukas cover a dynamic range of topics from the birth of the SUPERMAN box set to “Who did what?” explanations on the SUPERMAN sequels. They also talk about the pressures and demands of releasing film music in our modern times. It’s a fascinating read that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’m going to try hard in the next several months to not be as much of a stranger as I had been the last several months. There’s so much great film music out there to cover and interviews to conduct. As the film music chronicles of 2008 unfold, I’ll be around for the discussion. Up, up and away!


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