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Live-Action AKIRA moves forward... with the King Of The World? PLUS - Exclusive AICN - We Know who Tetsuo is!

Hey folks, Harry here - we had this story, the one about DiCaprio - about a week ago, but while Moriarty was playing with Toshi - we lost the exclusive. Dammit. However, now we have Tetsuo - which isn't as big a name as DiCaprio - but it's a damn fine name. Joseph Gordon Levitt... you know - from BRICK - the upcoming STOP LOSS and G.I. JOE! Joseph is a fine fine young actor - and I'm very much looking forward to watching him opposite Leo. Now - here's Quint with the original story...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm not the anime expert here, but you don't need to be an anime geek to know AKIRA or to get excited about seeing it live action. I've noticed a trend here... first we had Tobey Maguire get a live-action ROBOTECH movie moving forward, attached to produce and star, and now his buddy Leonardo DiCaprio is doing the same for AKIRA. Some friendly competition maybe? Or maybe this is just the shit that greases their geek-wheels. Ruairi Robinson, who did that awesome 3-D animated short film FIFTY PERCENT GREY, will make his feature debut directing the project, which was pitched as a two-part epic. The Hollywood Reporter story doesn't mention DiCaprio doing anything other than producing via Appian Way banner, but I have it on good authority that he is also set to star as the lead, Kaneda. Thoughts? PS - If you haven't seen it, check out Robinson's 50% Grey below!

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