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Dude! It's The Freaking Dude That Inspired The Dude - In Person - Red Bank, New Jersey!

Hey folks, Harry here... In the amazing travels and experiences that this life has dished out for me... One of my fondest is my South American cruise with a man most know as THE DUDE, but who is actually called Jeff Dowd. He's changed a lot of lives over the years and he's got more stories and a way about telling them that makes you feel wind in your hair and a buzz for being in the same room. I get a lot of "press releases" for events around the country - but this is one that I had to share. You see - The story behind THE DUDE is absolutely fascinating. You haven't an inkling of how amazing he is from THE BIG LEBOWSKI - he's not a burned out hippie bowler surfer dude... he might've been at some point, but I didn't meet that version of The Dude. Instead - he's a fired up and ready to go (not sure who used that phrase first) type with an incredible vitality and energy. He's not a person, so much as a force of human nature. If you can be there that night - you should definitely get your tickets and attend. He'll blow your mind.

A Great Night Hanging with Your Friends & Jeff “the Dude” Dowd the infamous original “Dude” who inspired the Coen Brothers to create Jeff Bridges’ character “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski Two Dudes: Jeff Bridges & Jeff Dowd Saturday, April 19th at 8:00 pm The Count Basie Theatre Redbank, New Jersey See The Big Lebowski on the big screen with an audience—a rare treat! $20 Movie & Dude Show Tickets $40 Also includes After Party with Cash Bar Buy Tickets Now at Count Basie “Everybody knows somebody like the Dude -- and so, rumor has it, do the Coen brothers. They based the character on a movie producer named Jeff Dowd, a familiar figure at film festivals, who is tall, large, and shaggy and a boil with enthusiasm. Dowd is much more successful than ‘The Dude” played by Jeff Bridges but no less a creature of the moment. Both dudes depend on improvisation and inspiration...” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times The Dude will introduce The Big Lebowski with personal tales, trials and tribulations from the world of adventure, activism, politics, film, sex, drugs and rock and roll. He will share an inspirational vision of the future that goes beyond politicians’ campaigns. Guests will enjoy a special sneak preview from his upcoming book: “The Dude Abides! Classic Tales and Rebel Rants” and a Q&A where they can give the Dude the third degree. Have lots of laughs and come away inspired and hopeful! There are a limited number of tickets for the after party where you can drink, yak and get up close and personal with the Dude. “Nowadays the real Dude is back in the saddle.” David Edelstein, New York Times Big Lebowski Screening
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