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The Most Dedicated FANBOYS have Targeted The Weinstein Company for crimes against FANBOYS!

Hey folks, Harry here... I've only seen the original cut of FANBOYS - which I really really enjoyed and I kinda can't imagine the cut I've heard described. That said, Moriarty has seen all three cuts - and prefers the Weinstein cut - but then... he's not a fan of any version of the film. I think the issue here is who is FANBOYS being made for? I feel the first cut is very much a charming, funny and oddly touching story for geeks that customize their cars and love and cherish the "holy trilogy" and that stood in lines for days upon days and even weeks for the first Prequel. This is a film about that mania. Here's a letter from Jek Porkins who is leading this battle...

Dear Harry, We're a group of Star Wars fans and 501st Legion members who donated our time, costumes, props, and support to help make the movie FANBOYS, a movie about some Star Wars fans who decide to break in to Skywalker Ranch and steal a print of Episode I so that their friend can see it before he dies of cancer. We agreed to be involved because it has heart, and is a movie about friendship and what it means to be a fan. Now, after delaying the release of the movie for over a year, the Weinstein Company (the studio who owns it) has decided to recut the entire movie so that it mocks Star Wars fans. They're planning to remove the cancer plotline and have the fans break into Skywalker Ranch for no reason at all - just because they're "Death Star Dorks" (from the Weinstein Co. website). They plan to rip the heart out of the movie and turn it into a mindless comedy that ridicules Star Wars fans, instead of celebrating them. We (a group of fans and 501st Legion members) have decided to organize an international boycott by Star Wars fans of all Weinstein Company films, unless they release the original version of FANBOYS. This past weekend, we launched these three websites to announce our intended boycott: Myspace Beam.To We're going to attack the Weinstein Company death star, even if it is a suicide mission. A link bump from AICN would really help spread the word of our cause, and maybe draw the attention of the national media. Help us, Harry. You're our only hope! Thanks for your time. And May the Force Be With You! Jek Porkins and the Stop Darth Weinstein Squadron
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