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HD DVD dead... No More Format War... Go Buy A Blu Ray Player

Hey folks, Harry here... Depending who you are... you're either jubilant or morose today - because it's pretty much over. Sources inside Toshiba have begun leaking to the press - that Toshiba is no longer going to be manufacturing HD DVD players - and is abandoning the format altogether. Apparently, this decision is going to cost Toshiba hundreds of millions of dollars - In the last few months, Sony has completely and totally flanked and surrounded HD-DVD. It started with the Warner Brothers move, when Warner's announced their decision to become dedicated to the BLU RAY format beginning this June - the world could feel a seismic shift. Then in a series of announcements from BEST BUY to NETFLIX to the most recent WAL-MART support for Blu Ray and abandonment of the HD DVD format... well, the rush to bury HD DVD has become quite aggressive. How do I feel about this? I love both formats - but generally I prefer the HD DVD discs. I have around 300 titles in hi def - a mixture of HD DVD and BLU RAY. I have 4 HD DVD players - and 1 BLU RAY player - and now that it has ended - I hope that the focusing upon BLU RAY means that the format becomes better. That the prices can begin dropping on their players - and their discs. MORE SO - I hope that BLU RAY winning the "war" means that a wider and greater supply of titles begin to be released. In the upcoming months - as the various outlets blow-out their remaining HD DVD titles - there will be added shelf-space for BLU RAY to take up. I'm hoping for many more vintage titles. Just yesterday I was at FRY'S to buy Quint his BLU RAY birthday presents - and I wanted to buy him some older titles - and there wasn't much to choose from. Now that the Format war is over - there's still another war for the companies to wage... the war to get the populace to abandon standard def DVD and en masse convert to BLU RAY. The only way that'll happen is if Blu Ray lowers their prices significantly on their titles. There's a lot left for SONY to do - but now that they've slain their biggest enemy - all that is left is to win the hearts, minds and dollars of the rest of the consumers to make the big conversion. Click

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