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That GOTHAM KNIGHT Sneak Is Online!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. And it is beautiful. I am pleased that JUSTICE LEAGUE isn’t happening at the moment, and that it’s not going to dilute what Nolan’s doing in live-action with Batman right now. I’m equally pleased that the animated side of things continues to be a fertile playground for all sorts of artists who want to play with the iconography of Batman and his rogue’s gallery. The heads-up I got was from the very talented Chris Drake, who seems to be justifiably proud of this project and what he’s doing on it...

Hello everyone... Sorry for the mass email, but I'm very proud to share with you a sneak peak of my newest scoring project: BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT This has been an honor, and a personal dream come true for me to write music for my favorite comic book super hero... and work with Bruce Timm co-creator of the classic BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES.. The other composers working on this project are the talented Robert J. Kral of the acclaimed TV series ANGEL, and Kevin Manthei who provided the fantastic music for INVADER ZIM, and recently JUSTICE LEAGUE NEW FRONTIER... we each scored two segments out of the six different stories in this anthology...
Hope this message finds you all well... All the best, Christopher
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