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Purty Pics from STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS animated feature film!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm jazzed about this. I mean - it'll be weird as fuck sitting - waiting for something STAR WARS - and to not get the 20th Century Fox logo - but maybe a new beginning is exactly what we need. I'm excited about this series.... and the idea that something along the lines of 30 - 30 minute episodes are apparently completed... and that we'll get to see this first set as a feature film experience (only thing better would be if they told us it'd be in 3D) - well I'm ready. I'm just curious... will a mania develop for this film. Will there be... "the line"? I kinda hope so. Warners sent over these three images - CLICK on them for John Holmes sized versions... these are just Harry sized...

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