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Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I love this rumor. I have no idea if this rumor is true or not. I will follow up on it as best I can in the days ahead, but I don’t have a lot of sources at EON Productions. It’s a pretty tight ship over there, all things considered. But if this rumor is true, this is awesome, awesome, awesome. And if this rumor isn’t true... well, fuck, it should be. We know that QUANTUM OF SOLACE picks up right where CASINO ROYALE left off. We’ve heard that it’s a globe-trotting affair in which Bond tries to track down the boss behind the events of the first film. The first time he comes face-to-face with that boss, it should be a big deal. It should be as big a moment as they can make it. Part of that’s going to be casting. Is this the scoop on the guy pulling the strings, the man behind the curtain in this film? We’ll see. Consider me curious now. And to the two people I do know at Pinewood/EON... come on. Cough it up. You are on freakin’ notice.

Hi Harry I met with a friend of mine recently, who is currently working on dismantling the sets of the new Bond movie at Pinewood, and will start soon on building the new sets when the crew return later in the year. Anyway he mentioned that Anatole Taubman and Daniel Craig have filmed a huge fight scene in an art gallery under renovation at the stage. But the big news that he leaked was that Al Pacino would be taking part in filming. I was a little shocked as the cast has been revealed aready, but he said Pacino would play the head of the terrorist group introduced in CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Al is said to come to Pinewood in April-May to film what is said to be a brief cameo. Thanks love the site, if you use this call me Mamlet
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