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Sam Raimi tells Ellen Page to go to HELL!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. In a strange bit of coincidence I christened my brand new PS3 with a spin of the Blu-Ray edition of EVIL DEAD 2. I rewatched the movie... the first time I've rewatched it from beginning to end in a year or two... and was again struck by how inventive and just damn fun it is. It made me sad that the only real remnant of Raimi's style to make it into the SPIDER-MAN movies was that great operation scene in SPIDER-MAN 2. So, then I get online, update a few stories and check the trades... which usually don't update over the weekend, but low and behold there was a helluva story waiting for me. I love Ellen Page and apparently so does Raimi... or maybe not. He is sending her to Hell, apparently. She has been cast as the lead in his return to horror, titled DRAG ME TO HELL, written by Sam and Ivan Raimi and set up at Universal. Little is known about the movie, but I hope it's return to form and a chance for Sam to just let his hair down and have some damn fun. Thoughts?

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