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Tentative Agreement Could End Writer's Strike By Monday!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I hate strikes. Everybody hates strikes. Management hates them. The workers that strike, hate them. And everyone not involved in the negotiation, but that depend upon the striking industry... really hates them. However, some times - to change the things that need change, you have to embrace and do the things that are tough and unpopular. You have to risk your houses, your kids' education, your health... because the future is worth that fight and those sacrifices. It looks like, as many people have written me - that the strike could very well be over. Now I know we're a little Chicken Little over this damn thing... but right now there is a tentative agreement between the Writer's Guild and the AMPTP -- The only reason it isn't done is that AMPTP's mouths and the actual paperwork hasn't quite matched the dotted lines and crossed t's as of yet. BUT... right now... It looks like we may have our writer's back... fixing what needs to be fixed - writing new material for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Helping out poor Jay Leno. Working on the next seasons of HEROES and LOST and - thank God.... THE OSCARS... weekend after next. Can you imagine how insane those writers are going to be cranking out material for Next Sunday's broadcast? The details of the tentative agreement is right here

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