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The Fate Of Gilliam's DOCTOR PARNASSUS...

Merrick here...
Quick Stop Entertainment just posted an article about the status of Terry Gilliam's THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, regarding recent reports that the project has been scuttled in the slipstream of Heath Ledger's death...which would make THE DARK KNIGHT Ledger's last film (an unfortunate-but-useful marketing opportunity for Warner Bros. I should think). In fact, PARNASSUS' imdb listing says as much: "The project has been shut down" it notes...Ledger's name has been removed from the credits. Quick Stops indicates this is not the case, in an article you can read HERE. This matches word from our own folks, who tell us that PARNASSUS is still "on". Clearly Ledger's death has thrown a whopping wrench into the works, but I'm told that current plans allow for material already shot by Ledger to be retained...and for the remainder of his appearance to be recast. The film's concept actually allows for this to happen somewhat organically. At one point, the Ledger character transitions into a different realm through a magic mirror of sorts...enabling his "other side" personae to be different than the "real world" Ledger. Word on final casting decisions and official production restart may be coming within days. Until then...PARNASSUS abides. As a side note, Quick Stop says the film's official site will go online Tuesday February 5, 'round midday Eastern Time. More info as more is learned.

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