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And the director of THE WOLF MAN is....

Hey folks, Harry here... As I'm watching the New York Giants desperately trying to fuck the Patriots' dreams of history... I get a call from a source inside Universal Studios that laid on me... the director of THE WOLF MAN. Damn that catch was amazing! Oh, sorry... WOLF MAN. The director is long time genre film lover - JOE JOHNSTON. Now - Joe Johnston is the man that designed Boba Fett. Art director on EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and RETURN OF THE JEDI. And the director of HONYE, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, THE ROCKETEER, THE PAGEMASTER, JUMANJI, OCTOBER SKY (a film I love so much), JURASSIC PARK III and HIDALGO. The final group of directors that went in - all wanted to make this film. It's a tough thing as a real director to come into a project at this late a date. No matter what - to a large degree - they're making the film that Romanek designed, cast, location scouted and developed. It's sad that Mark went - but this has happened before in history. Horrifyingly with Ratner and X3. But so much better with GONE WITH THE WIND - when Victor Fleming took over for the great director George Cukor. Or when Michael Curtiz took over for William Keighley on THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. Let's hope this goes in that direction. The most atmospheric film from Joe has been, oddly, OCTOBER SKY... I hope that this film becomes the most awesome work Joe has ever done. With what Rick Baker has come up with - and with Benicio Del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins! Congrats to Joe Johnston - Do your Best!!!

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