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STAR WARS ANIMATED Film... this September... Theatrically?

Hey folks, Harry here... According to the highly reliable folks at Action-Figure.Com it seems that in the UK, at least, the first 3 episodes of Lucasfilm's animated CLONE WARS - will get theatrical distribution of the 90 minute film. Will the U.S. get the same treatment? God, I hope so. That'd rule! I could imagine Lucas doing this for Digital Theaters only - plus earning some extra coin. Thanks goes to Tolomey for this awesome Super Bowl day rumor!

Just got this in:
Hey Harry, Longtime fan. Regarding the animated Star Wars feature..... my buddy works for a company that has the license to this property. Word is the feature is actually gonna be 4 episodes and will be released sometime in spring (around the time of Indy). If you use this, call me Darth Diggler. DD

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